Donald Trump's candidacy raises novel ethics questions

Under rules, the billionaire developer doesn't have to stop running his company

Colo. city weighs allowing women to go topless in public

Activist has been requesting the change for months.

11 trillion gallons of water fell in the Carolinas in the past week

That amount would effectively end the drought in California.

Pregnancy rate, STD stats show sex ed in U.S. not working

Findings show most nations struggle to teach sex ed to teens.

U.S. vs. Russia: What a war would look like between the world's most fearsome militaries

Vladimir Putin's brazen moves in Syria, Ukraine raise new questions about America's contingency plans.

Doctors anticipate nasty flu season

Health officials predict better protection with this season's flu vaccine.

Vets successfully remove crossbow arrow from cat

'Kitty' is expected to survive but has sustained significant nerve damage.

Couple charged in assault on Nashville record producer

The altercation ensued left Dave Brainard unconscious.

Craigslist ruse ends with two shot in Mich.

Trio tried to rob a father and son looking for a car to buy, police said.

Fifth Third pays $85M to settle mortgage fraud

Bank admits it improperly certified more than 1,400 mortgage loans it knew were defective.

Activists protest Baptists' seminar on homosexuality

Some called it conversion therapy by another name.

Clinton vows tighter but ‘sensible’ gun rules

The candidate says most Americans, including gun owners, would support reasonable limits.

DuPont CEO's sudden exit sparks breakup debate

Ellen Kullman will retire from DuPont, the chemical company announced Monday.

Lead levels in Mich. city have moms avoiding tap water

Officials initially denied any problems -- until two independent studies showed elevated lead levels in children.