Biggest news you missed this weekend

Out of the loop this weekend? We've got what you missed.

Coney Island roller coaster stuck on opening day

Thrill seekers got more than a wild ride at New York City's Coney Island amusement park.

Ga. House panel cancels 'religious freedom' bill meeting

Cancellation comes as Indiana deals with blowback from bill signing.

Islamic State beheads 8, led to death by teens

Islamic State executes men described as Shiite Muslims in latest video

Police: Driver follows GPS off bridge ramp; wife dies

The driver's wife died in the 37-foot plunge.

2 bodies found in debris of NYC building blast

22 people were injured in the collapse.

Confederate flag causes stir during Diversity Week

At issue: Whether students can fly flags of their choosing on school property.

Iowa forfeiture: Spending of seized funds questioned

Use of assets seized using civil forfeiture laws have sparked renewed scrutiny on spending.

Obama, Biden to honor Ted Kennedy at institute opening

Senators converge on Boston for opening of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute

No bull. Well, a little less anyway

Owner realized the sculpture would be just as beautiful without the large, um, protrusion.

Most uplifting stories of the week

A mother's bikini photo wins the Internet for all the right reasons.

Weekly news quiz: Test your headline knowledge

Heinz and Kraft come together, One Direction comes apart in this week's quiz.

Hundreds march for peace after 4 killed in Indianapolis

Residents come together in the wake of quadruple homicide.

Boeing to create a forcefield (yes, an actual forcefield)

Star Wars jokes aside, Boeing actually just patented a force field that would use energy to deflect explosions.

With nuke talks in critical phase, Iran balks at shipping fuel

Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in high-level talks.