Biggest news you missed this weekend

Out of the loop this weekend? We've got what you missed.

Voyage across Mediterranean is harrowing and deadly

Migrants who make the journey say agents who sell spots on boats don't warn of dangers.

Amid search for shooters, Del. students blame outsiders

Three wounded in two shootings at annual rite of spring.

Pilot: Campaign reform more critical than security breach

Doug Hughes is back home on house arrest after violating restricted airspace in D.C.

Three shot at Delaware university cookout

The shooting was on the school's main campus during Field Day, a large annual cookout.

Police: Sea lion pup abducted from LA beach

Whoever snatched a seal or sea lion pup from a Los Angeles beach early Sunday should not confuse the animal's cuteness with its potentially ...

Computer security expert blocked from flight after tweets

United decided not to allow him to fly because he tweeted about manipulating aircraft systems.

List: The deadliest migrant boat events

Here is a list of the deadliest migrant boat events, based on bodies recovered or survivor accounts:

Scientists explain why the Earth 'hums'

Experts discovered the planet's very low vibrations in the late 1990s.

Paleologos on the poll: Gay marriage

Pollster on the results of gay marriage poll.

'Judge Selfie's' rebuke of victims stirs racist backlash

Olu Stevens described by friend and foe alike as charismatic, urbane and dashingly handsome.

Hundreds of migrants feared drowned in Mediterranean

Italian Premier Matteo Renzi said at least 24 people were confirmed dead, but the death toll is expected to rise.

How 4 men became murderers without killing anyone

Convictions bring attention to a decades-old doctrine of criminal law.

#YourNomz: What are you eating?

Show us what snacking on or eating right now.