5 things you need to know Wednesday

The biggest and most buzzworthy news to start your morning.

'Blizzard' of 2015: For this we hunkered?

We went to bed expecting the worst and woke to a run-of-the-mill storm. OK, they got us.

Jordan is ready to trade inmate for pilot held by ISIL

No word on the fate of a Japanese journalist facing a deadline set by Islamic State.

White House scraps plan to tax college savings

Plan had enraged Republicans and unsettled Democrats.

Twitter threats to planes require delicate decisions

All threats are evaluated, although real bombers don't announce their intentions.

Man named in Mo. police shooting had been in custody

Springfield police officer shot just hours after man's initial arrest.

Fatal shooting of teen sparks Denver police probe

A panel will evaluate police methods when it comes to shootings and moving vehicles.

Obama veto threats at record pace to begin new Congress

The pace of veto threats to begin the new Congress may bode poorly for bipartisanship.

Parents killed selves, kids fearing apocalypse

The parents and their three children were found dead of drug overdoses.

Delaware aims to be 1st with digital driver's licenses

Motorists will have option of digital version in addition to hard copy.

Missing hunter survives in woods for days on water

A man missing for several days following a hunting trip to the Honey Island Swamp area has been found.

Police stop teens seeking snow shoveling work

Teens weren't cited, but told they needed permission to go door to door.

Hour by hour: Watch the #Blizzardof2015 unfold

Social media reactions to the monster storm headed for the Northeast.

Libyan group loyal to Islamic State claims hotel attack

The group, calling itself "Islamic State in Tripoli Province," said it launched the attack.

Obama: No comment on Netanyahu's speech to Congress

President tells CNN he won't meet with the Israeli leader during his trip to Washington.