Slain Austin shooter likely had anti-government motive

Police chief says attack on police HQ, Mexican consulate suggests link to immigration issue.

Ferguson library stays open, gets outpouring of donations

"When things seem bleakest, heroes rise. Sometimes they are book nerds. Donate to Ferguson Library."

'Mimi' coin mystery benefits Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in Fort Myers has received a valuable gold coin for nine years.

College student with severe peanut butter allergy dies

Man was hospitalized Nov. 18 after coming in contact with peanut butter at friend's house.

U.K.'s Cameron calls for cuts to immigrant benefits

Cameron wants to reduce immigration from EU member states into the U.K.

Weather woes will subside for rest of holiday weekend

Temperatures will be cooler and drier for much of the USA this weekend.

Father's texts never read by son killed in crash

Two teens were killed and two were seriously injured in the accident.

It's raining naked men: 5 craziest crimes of the week

A nude man falling through an airport ceiling is among weirdest crime stories of the week.

Protesters at Ferguson-area Target call for boycott

Protesters near Ferguson, Mo., chant inside and outside big box stores.

Space is bigger than sales with NASA's #BlackHoleFriday

Why fight the crowds on Black Friday when you could learn all about black holes?

Americans need to prep for more extreme, wet weather

Emergency planning ought to be more like Black Friday.

Your Take Today: USA TODAY's top reader photo

Today's Take is USA TODAY's top reader photo. Share your photos at

Two boys buried by snowplow rescued from snowbank

A snow-plow operator had inadvertently buried the boys.

Beijing passes tough anti-smoking rules in smokers' paradise

Beijing lawmakers approve new rules to curb indoor smoking in public places.

Pulitzer sought for reporter behind WWII scoop

Ed Kennedy broke the story of German surrender in World War II -- and was fired for it.