Obama mocks GOP for lawsuit; 'being mad all the time'

President Obama says Republicans are suing him for doing his job.

Nasty chikungunya virus gaining traction in U.S.

Mosquito-borne virus has swept through the Caribbean in recent months.

Major anchovy die-off stinks up Oregon town

Tourists visiting Seaside, Ore., were getting quite a sight -- and smell -- this week.

Shells hit U.N. school, shopping area in Gaza

U.N. and Palestinian officials say 16 died at the shopping area, 15 at the school.

Boy with facial paralysis longs to smile

Parents raising funds for an operation that could put a smile on their son's face

Global authorities on alert over Ebola outbreak

Two American missionaries working with patients in Liberia have been diagnosed with the virus.

Bill aims to crack down on campus sexual assault

Bipartisan group of senators calls for bill to hold "perpetrators and institutions accountable."

Teen sets himself on fire for online 'challenge'

Fire challenge involves pouring alcohol on one's chest and lighting it.

2014's most 'Xtreme' restaurant meal is a 'monster'

Dishes from Red Robin and Cheesecake Factory lead unhealthy list from watchdog group.

Detroit child shot as he slept called 'good boy'

Detroit police say an 8-year-old boy died after being shot at a home on the city's east side.

Police: Naked intruder fell asleep in couple's bed

He grabbed a Sprite then fell asleep, in the buff, in the master bedroom, according to police.

Woman dies on US Airways Honolulu-Phoenix red-eye

The woman was pronounced dead by a medical team that met the plane on arrival.

The benefits of exercising 6 seconds at a time (Newser)

Can't find the time to jog or walk a few miles? Good news out of Abertay University in Scotland

Will your student sign an online roommate prenup?

Start-up provides dorm contracts, weekly 'rate your roomie-relationship' check-ins via text

Calif. to have openly gay governor for part of day

Toni Atkins, Calif.'s first openly lesbian speaker, will be state's acting governor.