On July 20, 1988, something amazing happened.  It marked the end of the marketing world as we know it.  On that date, the number of Americans aged 35-59 surpassed those aged 18-24.  Now the gap is widening, and never again in our lifetime will this trend reverse.

This is an important statistic for anyone who plans on doing any kind of business!  Furthermore, the 35-64 majority control $3 out of every $4 of purchasing power.  With children grown, mortgages paid and peak earning potential realized, these are the consumers marketers are now striving to reach.

In Syracuse, nobody delivers the 35-64 audience better than WSEN 92.1.  This lead is growing as many of this affluent majority discovers our unique brand of music.

WSEN’s audience is almost equally split between men and women, most of which are in their late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The audience tends to have higher than average household incomes, own their own home, and are likely to own 3 or more vehicles! They’re the ‘Boomer Consumers’ who have the highest discretionary income of any age group.

Benefits of Advertising on WSEN

  • WSEN plays upbeat music – putting people in a positive frame of mind when they hear your commercial.
  • WSEN is the only station in the market playing our unique mix of music from the 60's, 70’s and 80’s. They’re the “Greatest Hits of All Time!”
  • WSEN’s commercial breaks are short, never lasting more than 4 minutes. Listeners tell us, ‘we listen right through the commercials because they get back to the music quickly’. THAT should be music to YOUR ears!
  • WSEN works very carefully to never air competitive businesses back to back.
  • WSEN is involved in the community and gives you several opportunities to join us, putting you face-to-face with our listeners, your customers!


The Next Step

If you like what you've read please click on the e-mail link below or pick up the phone and dial 315-635-3971 x27 and let's talk. I promise you it will not be a waste of your time, and it may be the best call you've made in a long time. Our success depends entirely on our ability to successfully serve you.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping your business.

Krista Galster
General Sales Manager

Success Stories

G&G Fitness says: "WSEN consistently delivers the customers we are looking for; high household income, high education and a high probability to buy."

Central Square Farm & Lawn says: "I have enjoyed the great relationship we have always had with your stations and look forward to continuing for many more years."

Ziebart says: "... our live remote with Gary Dunes was the highest volume day in our 34 year history.  We sold over 60 remote car starters in 3 hours. WOW!"

Oliver B. Paine Greenhouses says: "We have seen positive responses to our ads, which translates into higher sales.  Their staff works with us to create attention-grabbing copy ... WSEN is our preferred radio media ..."

Auburn Doubledays says: "In working with many radio and television stations, the sales staff at WSEN has consistently gone above and beyond traditional service.  That energy and enthusiasm has paid great dividends for the Doubledays as we have effectively reached our target audience and brought them to Falcon Park thanks to WSEN."

Roberts Wine & Spirits says: "I thought the ad sounded great and I had very positive feedback in regards to the ad that was run on WSEN.  Store sales were up 30% from the same weekend last year."

Empire Federal Credit Union says: "We got more feedback from people who said they had heard the Nutcracker event promo that we sponsored, and the "Empire" name, than we've gotten from anything else we've done in radio."

Believers Chapel says: "We've received several calls from listeners about our Oldies Night this Friday ... and we didn't even put the phone number in!  Tell Diane that I've had several compliments on her delivery too.  Thanks for a job well done."

Oswego Speedway says: "We were VERY pleased with how WSEN handled the marketing of our Super Cruise for last Friday night.  It was easily the largest mid-summer cruise that has ever been staged here.  To say that we were pleased with last Friday's event would be an understatement."